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    • An Evaluation of Mixed Methods Studies: A Case Study for Turkey 

      Koyuncu, Yaser (Nüfus Etütleri Enstitüsü, 2019)
      Mixed methods came to light as the third methodological movement besides the quantitative and qualitative methods. It has been significantly popular for researchers, particularly in the last twenty years. However, its ...
    • Evaluation of the Use of Qualitative Content Analysis in Graduate Theses 

      Barkçin, Emetullah Mümine (Nüfus Etütleri Enstitüsü, 2019)
      Qualitative content analysis has started to be used more in the recent years, especially in the last decade. This trend exists in Turkey as well. It can be said the method was founded in 1952 by Berelson, when his book ...