• On (D-12)-Modules 

      Tutuncu, Derya Keskin; Tribak, Rachid (Rocky Mt Math Consortium, 2013)
      is known that a direct summand of a (D-12)module need not be a (D-12)-module. In this paper we establish some properties of completely (D-12)-modules (modules for which every direct summand is a (D-12)-module). After giving ...
    • On A Class Of Semicommutative Rings 

      Özen, T; Agayev, N; Harmanci, A. (2011)
    • On Almost Cl-Supercontinuous Functions 

      Kanibir, A; Reilly, I.L. (2010)
    • On Almost Contractions In Partially Ordered Metric Spaces Via Implicit Relations 

      Gul, Ugur; Karapinar, Erdal (Springeropen, 2012)
      In this paper, we prove general fixed point theorems for self-maps of a partially ordered complete metric space which satisfy an implicit type relation. Our method relies on constructive arguments involving Picard type ...
    • On An Application Of Generalized Semi-Infinite Optimization 

      Ozturan, A. Tezel (Polish Acad Sciences Inst Physics, 2016)
      Generalized semi-infinite optimization problems are optimization problems having infinitely many constraints. In addition, the infinite index set depends on the decision variable of optimization. In this study, as an ...
    • On Approximations Of The De Rham Complex And Their Cohomology 

      Bavula, V. V.; Akcin, H. Melis Tekin (Taylor & Francis Inc, 2018)
      For a commutative algebra R, its de Rham cohomology is an important invariant of R. In the paper, an infinite chain of de Rham-like complexes is introduced where the first member of the chain is the de Rham complex. The ...
    • On Artinian Rings With Restricted Class Of Injectivity Domains 

      Aydogdu, Pinar; Sarac, Buelent (Academic Press Inc Elsevier Science, 2013)
      In a recent paper of Alahmadi, Alkan and Lopez-Permouth, a ring R is defined to have no (simple) middle class if the injectivity domain of any (simple) R-module is the smallest or largest possible. Er, Lopez-Permouth and ...
    • On Cls-Modules 

      Tercan, A (Rocky Mt Math Consortium, 1995)
    • On Decomposition Of Generalized Continuity 

      Bayhan, S; Kanibir, A; Reilly, I.L. (2014)
    • On Dual Baer Modules 

      Tutuncu, Derya Keskin; Tribak, Rachid (Cambridge Univ Press, 2010)
      In this paper we introduce T-non-cosingular modules, dual Baer modules and K-modules. We prove that a module M is lifting and T-non-cosingular if and only if it is a dual Baer and K-module. Rings for which all modules are ...
    • On Existence And Nonexistence Of The Positive Solutions Of Non-Newtonian Filtration Equation 

      Novruzov, Emil (Amer Inst Mathematical Sciences, 2011)
      The subject this investigation is existence and nonexistence of positive solutions of the following nonhomogeneous equation rho(vertical bar x vertical bar) partial derivative u/partial derivative t - Sigma(N)(i=1) ...
    • On Functions Between Generalized Topological Spaces 

      Bayhan, S; Kanibir, A; Reilly, I.L. (2013)
    • On Hollow-Lifting Modules 

      Orhan, Nil; Tuetuencue, Derya Keskin; Tribak, Rachid (Mathematical Soc Rep China, 2007)
      Let R be any ring and let M be any right R-module. M is called hollow-lifting if every submodule N of M such that M/N is hollow has a coessential submodule that is a direct summand of M. We prove that every amply supplemented ...
    • On Jacobson And Nil Radicals Related To Polynomial Rings 

      Kwak, Tai Keun; Lee, Yang; Ozcan, A. Cigdem (Korean Mathematical Soc, 2016)
      This note is concerned with examining nilradicals and Jacobson radicals of polynomial rings when related factor rings are Armendariz. Especially we elaborate upon a well-known structural property of Armendariz rings, ...
    • On Modules And Matrix Rings With Sip-Extending 

      Karabacak, F.; Tercan, A. (Mathematical Soc Rep China, 2007)
      In this note we study modules with the property that the intersection of two direct summands is essential in a direct summand (SIP-extending). Amongst other results we show that the class of right SIP-extending modules is ...
    • On Partial Derivatives Of The Incomplete Beta Function 

      Ozcag, Emin; Ege, Inci; Gurcay, Hasmet; Jolevska-Tuneska, Biljana (Pergamon-Elsevier Science Ltd, 2008)
      The incomplete beta function B(x) (a, b) is defined for a, b > 0 and 0 < x < 1 and its definition was extended to negative integer values of a and b in [E. Ozcag, I. Ege, H. Gurcay, An extension of the incomplete beta ...
    • On Powers Of The Heaviside Function For Negative Integers 

      Ozcag, Emin; Ege, Inci; Gurcay, Hasmet (Academic Press Inc Elsevier Science, 2007)
      The distributions (x(+)(r))(-s) and (x(+)(r))_(-s) were defined as the neutrix limit of the sequences ((x(+)(r))(-s))n and ((x(+)(r))_(-s))n respectively for r, s = 1, 2,..., see [J.D. Nicholos, B. Fisher, The distribution ...
    • On Prime Submodules 

      Alkan, Mustafa; Tiras, Yuecel (Rocky Mt Math Consortium, 2007)
    • On Pseudo Symmetric Monomial Curves 

      Sahin, Mesut; Sahin, Nil (Taylor & Francis Inc, 2018)
      We study monomial curves, toric ideals and monomial algebras associated to 4-generated pseudo symmetric numerical semigroups. Namely, we determine indispensable binomials of these toric ideals, give a characterization for ...