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    • Effects Of Physiotherapy Combined With Sirolimus In A Patient With Vascular Malformation: A Case Report 

      Akbayrak, Turkan; Orhan, Ceren; Baran, Emine; Kaya, Serap; Coskun, Gursoy; Varan, Ali (Turkish J Pediatrics, 2016)
      The aim of the present case report was to investigate the effects of a physiotherapy program combined with sirolimus in a child patient with upper extremity edema and joint limitation due to low-flow vascular malformation. ...
    • Interferential Current Versus Biofeedback Results in Urinary Stress Incontinence 

      Demirturk, Funda; Akbayrak, Tuerkan; Karakaya, Ilkim Citak; Yuksel, Inci; Kirdi, Nuray; Demirturk, Fazh; Kaya, Serap; Ergen, Ali; Beksac, Sinan (E M H Swiss Medical Publishers Ltd, 2008)
      Background: Urinary stress incontinence is a common, disruptive and potentially disabling condition in which the subject complains of involuntary leakage on effort or exertion or on sneezing or coughing. Aim: This study ...