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    • Differential Biological Role Of Cd3 Chains Revealed By Human Immunodeficiencies 

      Recio, Maria J.; Moreno-Pelayo, Miguel Angel; Kilic, Sara S.; Guardo, Alberto C.; Sanal, Ozden; Allende, Luis M.; Perez-Flores, Veronica; Mencia, Angeles; Modamio-Hoybjor, Silvia; Seoane, Elena; Regueiro, Jose R. (Amer Assoc Immunologists, 2007)
      The biological role in vivo of the homologous CD3 gamma and delta invariant chains within the human TCR/CD3 complex is a matter of debate, as murine models do not recapitulate human immunodeficiencies. We have characterized, ...
    • Human Procaspase-1 Variants With Decreased Enzymatic Activity Are Associated With Febrile Episodes And May Contribute To Inflammation Via Rip2 And Nf-Kb Signaling 

      Heymann, Michael C.; Winkler, Stefan; Luksch, Hella; Flecks, Silvana; Franke, Marcus; Russ, Susanne; Oezen, Seza; Yilmaz, Engin; Klein, Christoph; Kallinich, Tilmann; Lindemann, Dirk; Brenner, Sebastian; Ganser, Gerd; Roesler, Joachim; Roesen-Wolff, Angela; Hofmann, Sigrun R. (Amer Assoc Immunologists, 2014)
      The proinflammatory enzyme caspase-1 plays an important role in the innate immune system and is involved in a variety of inflammatory conditions. Rare naturally occurring human variants of the caspase-1 gene (CASP1) lead ...
    • Tcr Dynamics In Human Mature T Lymphocytes Lacking Cd3 Gamma 

      Torres, PS; Alcover, A; Zapata, DA; Arnaud, J; Pacheco, A; Martin-Fernandez, JM; Villasevil, EM; Sanal, O; Regueiro, JR (Amer Assoc Immunologists, 2003)
      The contribution of CD3gamma to the surface expression, internalization, and intracellular trafficking of the TCR/CD3 complex (TCR) has not been completely defined. However, CD3gamma is believed to be crucial for constitutive ...